Natasha Romanoff

Black Widow

A Fountain of Blood in the Shape of a Girl

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PB: Scarlett Johansson

PERSONALITY:She's someone who plays her cards close to her chest, always. Natasha is highly capable of self-control, which means her personality can genuinely come across as different when she's around different people, as she only lets people see what she wants them to see. But it's a mistake to think that she's emotionless or stone-cold and her actions are always calculated. As much as she tends to put pragmatism before her feelings those that she trusts the most are often privileged to a softer, caring side of her character.

Natasha believes in instant karma: in this lifetime, you can balance out the bad things that you've done with the good things that you do. She also believes that dealing out punishment to the people who harm others is, really, pretty justified. Over the years she's become less concerned with her own "balance" and more involved with helping the people who need it and hurting those who deserve it.

She probably wouldn't refer to herself as either pessimistic or optimistic, rather she considers herself to be a realist. The world isn't black and white, things are nuanced, and she likes to strike a balance (or compromise) between what she believes and thinks is right and what might actually do the most for the people that matter. That's why, for example, she sided with Tony during the Sokovia Accords debate because, regardless of the fact she may have thought Steve's stance was correct, she knew it wasn't realistic and could do more potential damage to the team (she wasn't wrong.)

Her years training as a spy, both with the Russians in the Red Room and with SHIELD has made her an incredibly reserved person who always thinks about the things she says before she says them, and is incredibly guarded when it comes to letting people know what she thinks and feels. She can come across as deceitful, manipulative or untrustworthy because she's never forthcoming with information, but she isn't unscrupulous: she always has a reason to do the things that she does and a select few people are probably aware of her motivations.

Natasha's sense of humour is usually pretty dry, sarcastic or deadpan. Sometimes, for that reason, her jokes are taken far too seriously and people will occasionally miss the punchline. When you can get her talking, she tends to keep conversations light, and she'll talk about entertainment (films, etc) current events or politics without revealing too much about how she feels about any of it.

Loyalty is a trait that Natasha values in others (and in herself) probably above all else. Given her history and the ways in which she was used and manipulated both by the KGB and then later by SHIELD/Hydra, loyalty is extremely important to her and something she takes very seriously. It was part of the reason that keeping the Avengers together was so important to her because they (apart from Nick Fury) were the people she was loyal to and a division between them would be a problem for her.

She's a bit Rosa Diaz to Clint Barton's Jake Peralta. While she doesn't necessarily come off as outwardly tough as Rosa (though she did beat up ballerinas in her youth) she's no-nonsense in a way that levels out Clint's devil-may-care risk-taking behaviours. They've been best friends. Like Rosa, she has difficulty with expressions of emotional honesty and puts her friendships and her work above the prospect of romance every time. This isn't something she feels bad about, and she doesn't think her life is lacking something. As far as she's concerned, Clint Barton is the only partner she's ever going to need and she's fine with the fact he's happily married to someone else. This doesn't mean her personal door-to-romance is locked and the key is thrown away, it's just not something she spends a lot of time dwelling on.

Natasha is incredibly self-confident, she doesn't doubt herself or her own abilities. Sometimes that means she takes risks and pushes herself to do things she hasn't before -- and that no one has ever done before -- like jumping off of Captain America's shield onto a Chitauri hoverbike. But she isn't reckless, and doesn't have the same death wish as some of the other Avengers *cough*Tony Stark*cough* -- it's just that she knows her limits and doesn't always accept where they are.

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